Ain’t it a shame …

… to be shot down in flames! So goes the classic AC/DC song and that’s how I felt dear readers. What am I – Emily Post? My rodeo queen pageant story was going along nicely. I had a great subject, Rachel, who gave me both enthusiasm and openness – heck she was down right helpful! I was covering the back story of her and her quest to be Miss Rodeo Colorado and I thought that I had a smooth ride for my client. Then I got to the pageant and had my ticket pulled. I found out that although the organizer of the event expressed her delight at my coverage I would be given no special treatment and that means no special access.

It seems that the contestants are sequestered for the bulk of the 4 day contest and nowbody except the judges are allowed to be present while most of the serious contest stuff goes on. You know: the "nuts and bolts" the "Nitty Gritty" the "All the marbles" thing. I was allowed to attend the public appearance parts but no "back stage" of any kind. I was told that I would have "a few minutes" to interview the contestants but technically, they aren’t even supposed to talk to me or any other person who is not a judge of a member of the pageant committee. My media credentials essentially amounted to not having  to pay $5 to attend their mid pageant "Ice Cream Social" where they are judged on their interaction with the regular people.

So no access, no story. The story was killed and I am bummed out. I’ve wanted to do this story for over 3 years and it seems that the reason that you never see stories about them is that they are all behind closed doors. Doesn’t that seem to be at odds with wanting any kind of publicity? Oh well ..

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