My photography is about changing how people see the world around them. It is also about communicating information that builds bridges of connection between people. When I photograph my subjects, I validate their stories, their lives and by extension reaffirm their fundamental worth and dignity. This involves a delicate exchange of trust and it is a ballet that can be transformative for both parties.

To me, photography and story-telling in particular is a sacred gift, both to the subjects and to the audience who would receive the wisdom and truth contained in the story. When I photograph or build multimedia stories, I act as an interpreter of experience. Ideally, my photographs and stories transport people beyond the boundaries of their lives and can put people in touch with the fundamental truths of human existence in new and profound ways. … yeah, I’m an idealist.

Anyway, my work has been seen in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world including: The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. My commercial clients include: Target, Medtronic, Somalogic and the Independent Film Channel. I am represented by Zuma Press and am a member of NPPA, CPA and the Editorial Photographers group.

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