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A moment over the shoulder

A number of years ago I had the privilege of attending a workshop with a great inspiration of mine: David Alan Harvey. I came away from that week with a ton of important and subtle insight. One bit of wisdom was “Shoot everything”. This was not in the context of an assignment but in general life. If you see a beautiful scene or moment capture it! Even if there is no professional use for the image, especially if there is […]

Indiana Jones with a Stein

Had an amazing time on assignment for the UK Daily Mail doing a piece on Travis Rupp a beer archaeologist working for the Avery Brewing company.     You can read the whole story here.

You shot how much???

Alrighty then, time for a trip in the Wayback machine. Have your helmets on? Here we go! (Wooosh!) Once upon a time photographers used this material called film for making pictures. It was the best stuff at the time. Most professionals used canisters that contained 36 frames at a time. Then you would have to put in a fresh canister, after that is you rewound the pictures back into the can. Seriously, I'm not making this up. If you were […]

Ain’t it a shame …

… to be shot down in flames! So goes the classic AC/DC song and that’s how I felt dear readers. What am I – Emily Post? My rodeo queen pageant story was going along nicely. I had a great subject, Rachel, who gave me both enthusiasm and openness – heck she was down right helpful! I was covering the back story of her and her quest to be Miss Rodeo Colorado and I thought that I had a smooth ride […]

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