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Ok I have to admit that since I'm a news/documentary shooter at heart the first thing that goes through my mind when I'm looking for a subject for my photographs is not "Is it pretty?". It's more like "Is it interesting?" Pretty things are to me rarely as interesting as non-pretty things. Smooth marble or rough hewn granite? Baby or old man? I'll take the craggy stuff thanks. I remember reading an interview maybe 15 years ago with now legendary fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier and he said that his personal projects are all about photographing old men. He said that when he's photographing the new hot 17 year old girl he would rather be working with her grandpa. At the time I was spending my free time running around the woods with a 4×5 camera looking for pristine beauty and thought that his statement was kinda odd. Now, I really get it. Big time.

Anyhoo, I was hired to do a catalog shoot for a local jewelry company that has become hot with the Hollywood set. I helped with the concept, picking the models and all that which is nice to know beforehand who you are going to be working with so that I can plan out my approach well before I get on set.

So JC what's the point here? Well I rarely shoot subjects who are chosen for their looks. I'm much more likely to photograph a 52 year old executive than his stunning 19 year old daughter. Since I tend to the dark and dramatic I was stylistically standing on my head which was cool. Rather than wondering how I can get a harder and more emotional light on my subject I was trying to open shadows and make the subject bright, happy and fun.

The bottom line was that it was a total hoot. We had two great models who were great to work with and honestly nice gals. I'll spare you the studio shots but here are a few from the lifestyle shoot that I think are kinda cool. Rather different from my layered/contrasty/moody stuff, huh?



Laura and Arielle

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