Open mind (I’m back!)

I’m not one to worry about things. Oh I do think a lot, too much some will say, but I’m not the kind that has to often "clear the cobwebs of the mind". That said I like to travel just to look at things. I’m so often going places to specifically find and photograph something that it was great to spend 4 days just driving about some of the most beautiful landscape in the world without having to make a single picture of it.

Oh I did drag more photo gear with me than anyone on a casual long weekend would dare to do but I did end up using almost every single piece of gear that I crammed into my big case from 14mm to 400mm to 105 micro and even my wireless remote system. (Oh yeah – I’m a tourist!) Regardless it was great to be out and to put the mind in an idling mode for a bit. I think the wife enjoyed it too and I made sure that I didn’t spend every possible moment running wildly about making photos. In fact I made quite few but that wasn’t the point of the trip. The point of any trip is to go, right?


Nikon D200, AF-S 80-200 f/2.8 set to ISO 100, f/16 @ 2 seconds. Daylight WB. Gitzo G1340 tripod with Graf Studioball head.

P.S. it was nice to not be in "journalist" mode the whole time.

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