No place for sissies

Well the Derby project has been running along rather nicely. It's a butt numbingly long process but I'm just as enthused as then the idea hit me. The video thing is going to take a long while to edit and make it all flow nicely. The stills are total cake. No, make that "total pie" as I like pie much more than cake. Since I'm going stills and video at the same time, I'm dragging WAY too much gear around but it sure beats having another person working this project.

The big deal is that I have about 30 women I have to meet, form a relationship with and get to know as people. This project is not about the sport, which is very cool, not about the theatric personna's, although that's a hoot, but about the people and the relationships that bind them to this funky past time that they are so incredibly passionate about.

Here's a few pix from all that:





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