Multimedia and lighting classes

I've been doing teaching/lecturing on photography for a while now but primarily in the Denver area where I'm based. It's exceptionally cool that I've been added to the faculty of The Compelling Image. TCI is a comprehensive online school that does a variety of classes on various topics from developing your compositional sense, macro photography to video editing. The classes take 2-6 weeks with new lessons each week followed by assignments and critique from the instructor.

I will be teaching classes on shooting and producing multimedia slide shows and lighting portraits on location. For those of you who are looking into adding sound to your photos to make your stories even more powerful or want to be able to turn your speedlights into creative and expressive tools for portraiture take a look at the TCI classes starting Sep14th. Since you can do them from home it's a lot easier than taking 2 days to go to a workshop. Heck you can do all the assignments in your pajamas if ya like!

C-ya there.

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