I’m not Mark Tucker but …

This has kind of the feel of his longstanding ad campaign for
the Jack Daniels. I’m doing a photo project with my friends at Avery Brewing,
one of the top craft breweries in the country and luckily not that far from me.
I’m focusing on the hands on “craft” aspect of what they do. Unlike 99% of the
beer out there the brew that comes from a place like Avery is made by just a
few people and is very hands on. It’s much like when you go to that special
market and buy artesianal cheese or bread – it’s made by someone who has spent
years learning to get it right as opposed by a big machine or factory where they make serviceable
stuff but it doesn’t have that special thing that makes you swoon. Avery puts magic and love into 12oz bottles. It's that good.


So anyhoo this is 3 of their head brewers doing a taste sample for
one of their experimental barrel aged beer projects. The little where house has a wide
array of different barrels and each one brings its own flavor profile to the
same young beer that goes into it. Thus they have to learn what each barrel is
doing and keep meticulous notes on the contents of each barrel and then figure
out when each barrel is “done” and then they sit and blend the best barrels to
make their limited release beers. It's amazing how precise their palettes are. They can detect the most minor flaw in a warm flat beer often just by it's smell. They will find a beer that most craft beer drinkers will like to be actually horribly flawed.


This to me is artistry and I am delighted to spend time with
these guys who I admire. More to come as the project unfolds.

Avery 1


Technicals: Nikon D700 with AF-D 35mm f/2.0. ISO 400 f/4.0 @
1/15th. Shot RAW and toned in post.

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