Wow. I just out geeked myself

So I just received a Nikon AF-D 14mm f/2.8 lens that I bought from a new friend Nick King that I met on I can’t believe that I now own one of these Cyclops eyeball lenses. When I got my first 300mm f/2.8 I thought that was cool. When I got my 400mm f/2.8 I impressed even myself. But the land of stupidly wide lenses was never my thing. With film I rarely shot wider than 24mm which was my "standard" lens. I pulled out my 20mm only a few times a year. Now that I’m digital and shooting Nikon the crop factor makes my wides much less wide. Hence the 14mm becomes a 21mm on my digital. I am betting on the rumor that Nikon is announcing new bodies with less of a crop factor here at the end of the month. Regardless I now have that "save my butt" wide lens and on my film bodies GEEZ that thing is nuts. (Dig it!)

But the real point of this rambling post is the old school geek-ed-ness of my thank you letter to
Nick for the great deal he gave me on this beauty. I can’t believe not that I wrote the following but that I was able to pull the syntax out of a dusty drawer from the back of my cerebral cortex:

Hey Nick I got the 14mm today. No cap? I should have asked.

10 If  cap = "yes" then print "cool".

20 If cap = "no" then print "no worries"

30 X = 1

40 Print "Nick is a great guy and I will buy him beer the next time he
is in Denver"

50 X + 1

60 If X = 11 then goto 80

70 Goto 40

80 Print "Have a great day!"

90 End

Man! I cranked a "thank you note" out in BASIC. Does that date the heck out of me?

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