… to a screeching halt

Galen Rowel wrote that the process of traveling heightens the senses in ways that we often don’t think about. The act of packing bags and putting thing in order at home so that you can be away is a different state of awareness than we normally experience. I totally agree. Sometimes I feel that way even if I am  just packing my bag to do a shoot on the other side of town but then I’m silly.

The Omaha trip just got canceled by the subject who has come down with the flu over the weekend and is leaving town on Wed so there is no chance for a rescheduling. I was honestly packing my toothbrush when I got the call. Now the next 36 hours are totally different and I feel a little strange right now. I was expecting to pack the car in 45 minutes and get ready to go through the whole airport/flight dance. Now I get to stay home with the wife and critters. That’s not bad since I’ll still get paid for the trip but emotionally it’s an odd let down.

I’ve been going over in my head the things that I needed to do to get there, pack for the assignment, what I needed to do once there, the getting back and all that rot. My mind has been processing a lot of stuff and now none of it is necessary. Hmmm …

So a part of me is buzzing and a part is coming down from the rush. Like so much of what I do I have to quickly switch gears and adapt. In this case I’ll unpack my bags and consider dinner and a movie with the wife. Technically I’m on the time clock for the next 36 hours so I might as well enjoy it – right?

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