The night time … is the right time …

That or "The freaks come out at night …" That all applies. Something happens when the light gets low and the music gets loud that makes "normal people" (whoever that is) transform into something far interesting. So I had to do photos of a local hotspot because they have a reputation for being a big singles scene on Tuesdays of all things. However they don’t really get going until near midnight but man did people come out of the woodwork and get their funk on.

It’s interesting how you can walk into a scene trying to get a scope on who to start to approach to get into their space/world and become "invisible in plain sight" which lets everything unfold in front of you. But evey so often someone sees you first and says something to get conversation started and the WHAM-O! yer in.  That happened last night. I swear I wasn’t in the place for 45 seconds and a nice gal, dressed kinda like Cindy Lauper, sees my camera and practically drags me over to meet and photograph her friends. Ta-DA! Access. (Love it!)

So things quickly got fun and that makes my job seem effortless. That is if dealing with all the moving bodies in tight spaces in very very low light is your idea of easy. The group I was introduced to were digging on "80’s" night (all of them in some kind of costume) and sending their buddy in the "Risky Business"
outfit off to graduate school – he’s getting a PhD in Symphonic
Conducting. Who says that classical music lovers can’t rock it? Oh and
I love how there are "flames" coming out of the guy’s head on the left.



(Techincals: Nikon D200 body, Nikon AF-D 14mm f/2.8, ISO 400 1/2 sec @ f/2.8, Daylight white balance, SC-17 TTL synch cord, SB800 flash with dome diffuser.)

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