Playing with fairies

I was given an assignment to photograph Betsy who publishes a magazine called Famazon for and about gamers, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and tv/literature from the female perspective. So after a phone call to her it was obvious that she's the kind of sweet and goofy person who makes photography easy. "Do you want me and my daughters to put on our fairy wings and run around the house?" I mean how can you say no to that? Oh no mam, we wouldn't want the photos to be fun … can you instead just stand there with a blank expression while wearing a grey sweatsuit? (duh!)

So I fell in love with Betsy and her fun family. They live in a lovely home in the mountains that is filled to the brim with just about every classic/important/cool sci-fi, horror and fantasy novel ever. So long as you are not uptight their energy is infective and their sence of fun delightfull. The deal is that they really didn't just play dress up for me. They do this alot so it's actually kinda normal for them. I wasn't sure what I was going to need so I brought my case of lights and such but they never left the car. I shot for two hours with just my D700 and AF-S 28-70 f/2.8. Light and simple.

Here's Betsy trying on one of their costume hats. It ended up spending most of the time with her 7 year old Sylvie.

The youngest, Bella, was constantly getting into my frame and making faces, sticking her head/hand
way into the lens, and in general doing silly things. Here Betsy is
adjusting Sylvies wings and Bella is doing whatever Bella does. It was
hard not get a kick out of the whole deal. Yes Betsy has a leather
winged helmet on.

Except for the snow boots the girls have on this almost looks like a
scene from some funky fantasy movie but no, they are just playing
around in the snow outside their house. The swingset and grill are just
off to the right. Man, who needs "reality" when really odd is so much
cooler but just as true?

Bella became my friend and kept wanting to hold my hand, give me
things, scream that happy little kid scream at me or sit in my lap. So
I had to take a frame of her on my lap with her funky eyewear.

I gotta tell ya, meeting such honestly neat and different people is one of the true joys of this job.

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