Oh! You don’t want a snapshot?

No, I really don't. Not at all. But I swear that's the conversation that I seem to constantly have regardless of whom I'm on assignment for. For some reason people think that when I show up to make photos I'm going to have them stand bolt upright, put on their best "Olan Mills" fake as hell smile, I'll shoot two frames with an on camera flash and then leave. Wow. I guess if I was shooting for National Geographic they might not think that but in the meantime I have to keep saying "No really, let's have fun with this. Why make boring pictures?"

I was assigned to photograph the Heinritz Brothers, Chris and Mark who for 20 years have owned a historic dive, I mean that in the best way, that first opened in 1923. It's a funky joint with just about every inch of the walls and ceiling decorated in pen drawings and scribbles. It's cool. So when I said that I wanted them over here and over there they were taken aback because everyone, everyone?, gives them the "Castro Special" you know: line 'em up and shoot 'em!

Naw! They are too nice and the place is way to unique to not show off. So I turned it into a shot more about the space than them. Two SB-800's on stands with ZootSnoots, my 17-35mm f/2.8 set to 17mm and f/11 @ ISO 1000 (man is that a total saver!) and blam-O! Not boring.

Sink 1

Oh and I just love this shot that my butt took while I was moving gear around. I should do a whole book of funky butt triggered shots. Ya know?

Sink 2

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