Now I’ve gone and done it

Well folks I’ve been waiting to get my skill set together, since I’m a practical kinda guy, and am about to take the next step in my storytelling abilities. No, not that whole "learning to spell" thing it’s still visual for me. It’s video. I’ve been doing audio/visual presentations for over a year now and that followed a number of years where I was waiting for technology and the culture to be ready for such things and have realized that having video as one of my means of telling a story was going to happen it was just a matter of when. Well I have a few projects in the germination stage that will really benefit from moving images so I went ahead and placed the order for my video cam today.

The deal is that newspapers have been trying to throw as much video on their web pages as possible while magazines have been taking their usual more calculated approach and putting videos up that, unlike most newspaper sites, aren’t junk. I see video as clearly staying viable but in the next year or so online publications will figure out that quality sells and crap doesn’t. A wild notion, no? So since I’ve seen the whole online multimedia presentation as the rebirth of the long form photo essay I’m simply broadening out my palette of colors if you will. Video is not the answer but it is an answer for "how do I want to tell this story?". Also since I have been using my multimedia story telling for commercial web use this is also a good thing.

This should be a lot of fun and I’m excited on how I can put together short features that combine all my skills. I just need to practice my speech "Ahem! I’d like to thank the Academy for this honor. Wow … an Oscar for Best Director (shiny isn’t it?). I of course couldn’t have done this project without the support of my rabbits, alcohol and lots and lots of self aggrandizing delusion …"

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