If I die today …

Happy intro huh? I was reading that photographers are considered to be the second most unhappy professionals between bartenders at the bottom and welders being next best. I think that’s crap. I love my job and it has given me experiences and insight that are invaluable. I have patrons from my art that enable me to essentially wander about and learn of the world. This is a pretty cool gig if you can get it. So I was thinking that if I were to die today, and I hope it doesn’t come to that, I’d be ok because my life has been a waste in any way. I’ve not mechanically done the same old thing every day hoping for some kind of fulfillment to come along.  The quality of my life has been elevated so much by just the process of my work that it often boggles my mind. As Mr. T would say "I pity the fool" who hates their job and wants to escape their own life. As for me, I’m diggin it hard!

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