I was dreaming …

about developing film the other evening. Really and no it wasn't because of eating too much spicy food. Ok I'll admit that in the dream I was developing it in a fish tank while the lights were on but hey – it's a dream so cut me some slack jack! Now from time to time I am shooting film and developing it but I haven't in a while. So this all got me thinking. What does it mean?

Well I've been reading some postings about how some non-news clients are finding film interesting again if only because it doesn't look like digital. I think that's cool but when you consider that most publications ditched their scanning person/department atleast 5 years ago when digital replaced film I'm wondering that if they are interested in me/you shooting film are they expecting me/you to have it scanned properly? I mean THEY don't have a scanner anymore, right? Do they expect us to have a $5,000 film scanner for the occational job where they let us shoot film or are they willing to wait while our only remaining pro lab in the area does it? Hmm …

Anyhoo it made me just think about the simplicity/joy/anachronism of shooting film. Maybe just maybe our digital "gotta have it now!" mentality has a sliver of a chance of slowing down and allowing our photographic vision to not be based on turn around times. Still I'm glad that I never got rid of my film cameras and am still using them.

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