Down time

Well a strange thing is about to happen starting tomorrow: I’m taking time off. Not for the most usual reason which seems to be "I gotta get out of here!". Or even the often popular reason "I need to get a way from work". No the fact is that I love what I do day in a day out. I frankly have more fun doing what I do than I should be allowed to. (Hmm I should check into local laws against that sort of thing…) Nah! The deal is I’m taking a few days so that I can let my wife see me for a while without the fear that at any time I’ll get a call and dash out the door. Truthfully we have not had, in the last 5 years, a solid 3 days together without "the Biz" getting in the way of us enjoying, well, us. Heck we didn’t even take a "honeymoon" after our wedding. Nope the day afterwards I went back to work and she had a ton of things to do back at her office.

So despite being in a pretty busy time of year we are going to spend a very trickily scheduled 4 days without interruption together. Just a simple road trip up to Jackson Wyoming and the Tetons for our second anniversary. Not much but for us it’s heaven. Yeah I’m taking all kinds of cameras and such but heck – that’s what I do!

So I’ll post some photos from the trip when I get back.  It will be like the "old days" for me – back when I didn’t photograph people all the time. Lots of purely "pretty" photos with no context or newspeg.

After that I hit the grindstone pretty hard with a few new projects and a promotional campaign.


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