Doris … take a memo!

Well my little promo is finished and out the door. I’ve
spent two solid days just typing simple little promo cards with 2-3 sentences
on them to try and set up appointments for my upcoming trip to New
.  I have such
respect for the secretaries of the “old day” before word processors and “correct-o-type”.
Those people were trained beyond what most of us would have thought possible. I’m
so happy that some brilliant people have made spell check because otherwise I’m
certain that my attempts at typed communication would make most people think
that I’m, uh, “special”. Granted my hand writing is to some an unbreakable code
but that’s another deal. Oh and just to make things harder on mu-self I couldn’t
use correction stuff because my fancy-schmancy paper is not white, it’s tan
with flecks of colored paper in it. One type-o and it’s start over. Gad I had a
lot of those!


As I mentioned in a prior post I decided to type my promos
on “Diana” the manual type writer that I got the other month. I wanted the
editors who get these to know that I spent some time putting it together. Let
me tell ya brothers and sisters did it ever. I am an abysmal typist but I got
it done. My buddy asked me why I didn’t just use a cool type writer font and
print them out Ka-ZAM! on my nifty laser printer. Well you can tell when it’s a
font, you can see the perfectly even spacing and you can tell that it wasn’t
written with the impact of the font hammer. All that stuff. With the promos I’m
sending out you can see the delightful lack of accuracy inherent to Diana and
that, I hope, gives it a hand made touch that makes them different. I didn’t
just send out a bunch of cards from a database that rolled off the press at
some slick print house which were summarily addressed and uniformly shipped
out. Nope I labored over these babies – and how!



I hand cut the speckled paper, made and trimmed the prints,
manually fixed the print to the upper flap and signed each one next to my biz
card which is stuck to the lower flap. Doesn’t sound like much but to me it is.
I just hope that the recipient “gets it”. I certainly put myself into it. But
then, isn’t that the idea I’m trying to get across – that I put myself into my
work? Either that or I’m just plain crazy. Hard to tell as they look a lot

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