200 pounds of gear and a pair of socks

When packing your bags to go on an assignment you are always thinking, or at least I do, "ok what do I need for this job?" I’ve corroborated this with some other shooters and we seem to have the same thought process: "Cameras? Check. Lenses? Check. That cool lens/thing that I rarely use but could be super cool if I get a chance to use it? Check. (blah-blah-blah)" We think of the esoteric stuff, headlamps for after dark shooting, special medications, hip waders, that kind of thing. But what we often forget is what we are going to wear as, well clothes. It just seems so mundane. If it doesn’t have buttons, use batteries, have something that we have to keep polished … it’s just not at the top of our list.

So I finished packing my bags for 3 days in Kansas City for a job and the last thing that I thought about was packing a bag for me. If you’ve read my "Getting my junk there" post you will see that I tend to bring a lot of, uh, toys. This trip is similar. But what I found puzzling this time is that my personal bag weighed in at 7 pounds. Yeah, that’s it. Little more than a spare pair of undies. I guess you have to have priorities, huh?

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