Denver In Color

About two years ago I stumbled upon a guy here in Denver who was looking for a photographer to help him with a simple but great project idea: look at how the Denver metropolitan area is extraordinarily accepting to people in interracial relationships. The process is simple: we find interesting interracial couples with interesting stories to tell and have them talk to us about the joys, trials and the blessings  that their relationship has brought them.  I do a set of portraits of them simply relating to each other after they’ve spent an hour reflecting on what makes them special and what they’ve gone through for their love. The project called Denver In Color will eventually become a coffee table book with a portrait on one page and their story on the other. We may end up doing something with all the video that I’ve captured but that’s a long ways a way.

Here is the video teaser for the project and you can find more info at the Denver In Color web page.

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