In the details

I think that it was a natural extension of how I learned back in my landscape photography days that I’m much more interested in the small things than big picture. By that I mean that I’m not really one for the all encompassing wide shot. There is just too much information and except for certain compositions that are very wide it is designed in a way to let your eye naturally sweep through the scene to land where the real subject is. I like those but they are hard to get because those situations are either very rare or very specific. Me, I wanna see things that are almost hidden because they are subtle. By simplifying the amount of information you easily understand what I as a visual communicator am trying to tell you. You! Look right here and notice this. Got it? Cool huh?

So when I saw this couple all dressed up and waiting on the street corner it wasn’t the look on her face but what her hands were saying and the strength of the color palette that did the talking. Got it? Cool.


Made me think of Weston

I'm a huge fan of winter light. It makes a good portion of the day that fleeting "magic hour" which is normally about 20 minutes long. However unless you are shooting outdoor sports winter here in Colorado tends to mean a lot of indoor shoots so that glorious light goes to waste. Ugh! Worse still are the days when the light is superb and I'm stuck in the office.

Like today. I did a quick early morning shoot of the new head of the Colorado Medical Society and then it was in the office setting up appointments and photo sessions for the next few days as well as tracking down a model for a shoot that I will be doing in about a week. Boring! But I went to get a fresh cuppa joe and noticed the long shadows on my kitchen counter. Egads but it's only 3PM and we get this light! So I get the Ferret Cam, my Panasonic LX-3, and make an image that reminds me of that one that Ed Weston did of his toilet. Only my image is more sanitary. I love the idea of Ed lying on the floor of his bathroom with his giant 8×10 camera aimed at his commode. But then you sacrifice for your art, right? Eh, back to the grind. Have to pack my bags to shoot a basketball game tonight. That is winter light that is never inspiring …

Ferret counter