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It’s subjective

I tend to do stories about people or subjects that I either don’t understand or am fascinated by – usually because the subject is so different from who I am and what is in my personal world. That means that I almost always am out of my element.  Openness is the key to making these situations work. I did a story, my idea, about cool local church band and my wife didn’t get it saying that it made no sense […]

The voice in my head says “Use the 6!”

I’ve always been a wide angle kinda guy mostly because I want to be close to my subject both physically and emotionally. I’d say that 90% of my work with people is done within 7 feet of the subject and often closer than that. Let’s face it that at 3 feet away a moderate wide angle shows a fair amount of detail but keeps the subjects environment in view and I like that. Not many long lenses will focus that […]

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