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All my bag-age

Ok I'm going to admit that I have something that I should get off of my chest. Ya see, I have a problem and it helps to be open and honest about it. Here goes … I'm a bag junkie. Where some women have more shoes than they possibly need, kinda like my wife, but not as many as they want, I have loads of camera bags, keep getting more and lusting after ones that I don't have. When we […]

My new little friend – read as: a personal touch

I'm not much of an ego kinda guy so I really don't like "tooting my horn". Thus marketing myself is always tough when I'm not meeting someone in person. It just feels, well, impersonal and that puts me off. So I have been thinking of some way to make my meager attempts to get new business more personal and more like, well, me. Sending out postcards and e-mailers really has a mass produced feel to me. I mean if you […]

How did I get here?

Caleb brought up a good question from my last post: what made me want to not pick up a camera for fun but with “serious” intention? I’ll give it a go. Here’s the long form answer:   You see I had been making photos since the age of 8 due to the fact that I went to a school that was a kind of experimental deal where they were trying to push the boundaries of education. This was in the […]

A love story

Alright folks it’s time to warm up the Wayback Machine a bit. Ready? Whirrr-ZaM! Ok here we are in the long forgotten time of 1993. I was still working at the camera store but had used my employee discount to get me my first serious camera, a Nikon N90. I had a Minolta, remember them?, with a useful but admittedly crap lens. I knew that the future of photography, and thus my future, lied in equipment that was faster and […]

Copy cat, copy cat!

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” Herman Melvile I had a very interesting thing happen the other day. I went to my mail box, the physical one, and on the cover of a publication was an image that stopped me in my tracks. So I went inside and showed it to my wife whose eyes got very large upon seeing it. “How can they copy you like that?” she cried. She was rather upset […]

Blue dream

Having my camera with me keeps me out of trouble far more than it get me into it. Usually it's just because rather than being bored and getting fussy like the short attention span dude that I am I can just make photos. While at my nephews birthday party my wife was playing with some balloons, yeah she's a big kid too!, and I made this photo through one of the balloons. It's kind of how I see her anyway.

An architect, a Rabbi and a ferret walk into a bar …

Ok there was no Rabbi but it does make for a good beginning, yes?  A bit ago I was at a studio opening with my good friend who is a pretty hot-shot shooter. While we were mingling about he said something to me as I kept jumping in and out of the conversation. He noticed that some photographers are married to their cameras, always have them with them and are making photos whether they are "working" or not.  At the […]

Today I’m thankful

Well for us "Yanks" it's Thanksgiving and as the executive chef of the house that means getting up @ 4AM to start my 22 pound turkey. The bugger takes 8 hours to cook and 1/2 day prior to prep but man alive is it worth it. Oh yeah, just like that Rockwell painting. The bird is all glossy and mahogany, moist and tender with deep layers of flavor. When the familial horde takes their first bite their eyes roll back […]

Names on a hat

I just had a thought. Yeah, it does happen from time to time so bear with me. There is a scene from a Monty Python movie, The Meaning Of Life, where a marketing guy says that they have figured out that people would be happier if they wore more hats. Ok, that's not too funny but in the context of the whole scene and movie – it's a riot. Still I was thinking about the hats that I would wear […]

Both mind and heart peering through the lens

One of the things that fascinates me about how photographers doing news/documentary, is our ability to work under emotionally charged conditions. The guys who shoot war zones, famines, conflicts of any kind, spot news, championships and the like have a whole different set of internal tools than those who shoot subjects that aren’t likely to take a swing at you either physically or in an emotional sence. No offense intended but it’s true. When everyone around you is freaking out […]

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